Author Topic: Moving users profiles from an old domain to a new one  (Read 887 times)

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Moving users profiles from an old domain to a new one
« on: June 12, 2013, 02:52:00 pm »
I was recently given the task of moving over every computer at the city to a new domain. I wanted to copy profiles from one to the other, and was not having very much luck. After many hours of failing to properly copy files over, I discovered a way to do it through windows utility. My process for moving profiles over was as follows:

  • Log in a domain admin and switch the computer over to the new domain
  • Log in as the new domain admin to create a profile. Log out and log in under the new user account
  • Open up system properties (right click on my computer and select properties) and navigate to advanced and system profiles
  • you should see the older user profile and the new user profile under the selection. By selecting the old one and pressing copy to, you may navigate to the new one "C:\Documents and Settings\newuser.domain"
  • Wait until the new user copies over all the way and then exit out of the other windows.

Now if you log in under the new user everything should be in place as it would be under the old profile. The common problems that are involved are permissions to some folder and options. In my case, the guy that set up the old domain granted users local admin privileges. So I had to once again grant local admin rights to those users.

The same process goes for Windows 7, only they have for some reason disabled the copy to button. There is a work around though that can be found here.

I hope some other people find this helpful.
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