Author Topic: VMware, port aggregation.  (Read 898 times)

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VMware, port aggregation.
« on: October 10, 2011, 06:12:01 pm »
So I own two cisco 2950's and they are a wimpy 12 ports each. But, they do support link aggregation, and are layer 3 (thanks CAL). Since I'm running a few servers at home, my power bill is crazy high. So I've had to start virtualizing servers to keep down the costs. The problem with visualization is memory, and redundancy. I'm running four servers right now on 8 GB of RAM, and it hasn't started choking yet. I also only have 125 GB of hard drive space.  :-\ So I with four servers running, a 100 meg connection to the switch isn't enough. (well it is, but I want moar) So I looked into port aggregation. I can take two or more ports on my switch and join them together to make them one interface, and instead of having 100 megs, I can now peak at 200. It should make things nicer and cool.

So enough of that crap, lets get to how I did it.

It's a pain the butt to find help, so the forum is where I'm doing my documentation.
this forum topic explained how to configure your Cisco or HP switch and VMware to.. well aggregate. Instead of having a bunch of bookmarks, I'll just start making topics and placing them under stuff.
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