Author Topic: Recent Minecraft changes  (Read 413 times)

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Recent Minecraft changes
« on: August 15, 2012, 10:14:11 am »
So we are in the process of moving Minecraft over to Bukkit. We are going to keep plugins fairly short and just to manage sever and such. I have a few plugins in mind, and I will experiment with it more. This is where the community needs to give me input.

What do you want to see from the server?
Any rules that need to be changed?
Do we make safe zones for people building and PvP or freetodowhatevertheywant outside of them?
What can I do to satisfy everyone?

So please give me your input.

Here is the proposal to the AGOA board I made yesterday.

Gregory Brewster
11:16 PM
I no longer have time to manage the Minecraft server, and I have turned to bukkit for help. As of 8/14/2012 I have installed craft bukkit  CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.3.1-R1.0 . So far I have no plugins. I am keeping it this way until the AGOA board can approve of my proposal. My proposal is below.

--- New Minecraft Changes ---

To use bukkit and it's many plugins to help manage the server better than a lone admin can
To make the server available to more people by eventually removing the register.
The goal of my changes are to help improve the admin load and provide security and availability to every who would like to play on the server. Many people like survival, and I intend on keeping it that way. I still want people to build good creations, but provide enough security so people will continue to have fun on the server. This can be done by adding a few permission mods. They will allow me to give people land and protect areas on the server. I propose that we add mods that will enable land protection for people who would like to preserve their stuff. I also propose that we make any area that is not protect becomes a pvp zone. Now griefing is still not permitted but it will allow anybody who wants to fight other people, to have a bit of adventure. I am still putting together a list of mods, but I am planning on putting our server on a few sites. Now this is still a few days or even weeks out, but I want the AGOA team to approve of these changes, and add or modify them so we can call come to agreement. Thanks!

11:47 PM (10 hours ago)

to me
I see no problem with the changes, Vadim also has shown intense interest in his role on the server and I would like to promote him to head of the minecraft division. I still would like you in charge of the server maintenance for it though.
I am the admin. That is all.

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Re: Recent Minecraft changes
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2012, 11:48:52 am »
I want to see a least a couple people on at most times (day). A lot more work being done as Server Projects, a couple arenas (for PvP, and the sort, bukkit makes this easier), and a couple new features in the game would be great (factions to claim your land, maybe iConomy for a player based economy, that sort of stuff).

I have played a few Bukkit based servers and what everyone seems to do is...
1. They always have factions running, allowing people to set rules within their own claimed territory, protect it as needed.
2. Allow those people that like to PvP and raid (probably not much of this can happen in our situation) and the sort to do so in the "Wilderness"
3. They always have one of the anti-xray plugins (hint hint) xD
I personalty really enjoy Factions. It's one of those things that people look for in a server. It's very easy to protect your stuff, and you can even engage is competitions and warfare with other factions if you want.

Safezones, I'm quite sure, are like the spawn area, where only admins can build/destroy. Useful, for sure, but only for those with OP in the server, not the standard player. On a side note, this also comes with the ability to set "Warzones". This is where anything goes, and it's also amazing for jails and arenas. Safezones is also great for preventing any more work for the admins, by protecting the best things around (and things for everyone, like the Nether transport system). And with x-ray blocked that eliminates most cheaters, the rest are really obvious on sight (auto(always-sprint, auto-mine, auto-attack).

And the rules...
1. I think No griefing should stay as it is. If you guys all think griefing should be allowed, then I would say they should not ever be allowed to grief protected territory.
2. I think Raiding (stealing) could be allowed, otherwise a chunk of possible players are gone (unless of course, we don't want them at all). We could just do the same thing, where people can raid in Unprotected territory.
3. I think this rule "Respect Admins, Ops, Police officers, and gravity." should be changed to "Respect Admins, Ops, Police officers, and god-damn GRAVITY."
4. The rest seem perfectly fine to me.

We can have a little post on the forum and/or the AGOA Facebook group saying "What is/are your favorite bukkit plugin(s)?" We could then look through it and see if any are reasonable to what we want the server to be. A couple guys on the server really know their bukkit plugins, seriously lol. I'm sure that if we at least consider the ideas/requests of the players that they will be much more "satisfied" and happy playing on there.

P.S. Thank you Connor!
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