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« on: November 12, 2011, 01:01:11 pm »
I've been breaking stuff all morning trying to bet Windows Deployment Systems to work with my DHCP. Now I run my house internal network on Vlan 10 and my DMZ which runs DHCP, AD DS, DNS, WDS  on it. So when a computer(internal) needs an IP from DHCP it is a broadcast So it cannot reach Vlan 4 because each subnet has it's own broadcast. Now this problem has been fixed for quite some time in my house. On every vlan and router we run a helper address
Cisco Router config***
Code: [Select]
conf t
int fa0/1.10
ip helper-address

this will forward EVERY broadcast to Now WDS needs to recieve broadcast messages too, but they're all going to The easy fix is to send the broadcasts of vlan10 to the broadcast of vlan4

Code: [Select]
ip helper-address
No more setting rules and pointing code 66,67 to the file, it's easier to use the broadcast. Now I don't really like doing this because it has potential to bog down the network with double the requests. But for now it's fine :P
This will
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