Author Topic: A wonderful idea by Dehavenbrooks  (Read 841 times)

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A wonderful idea by Dehavenbrooks
« on: September 29, 2012, 05:06:58 pm »
I received an email today, suggesting what we should do the help resolve some major issues on the server.

Hi Greg (and whichever other admins may see this),
     I've been following the events on the server and have even been affected by a few of them. I also read the post on the forum about how the original intent for zones has since gotten to the point where it's nearly abused, especially since this is a survival server. I had some thoughts on this; it's okay to not take any of these on, but I thought you may appreciate hearing them.

First of all, here's my big idea: use the WorldGuard feature as a mechanism for mapping out and protecting large portions of land to be used by 'guilds' (or nations, states, countries, or whatever else you will) and not to be used for any other reason.

An example of how this might be implemented:

1. AGOA City would have its own zone, so it could not be destroyed or built upon by new players. In addition, this zone would keep unlearned players from getting killed by mobs instantly. A large area outside the city would be left open for anyone to build in.

2. Each admin would be in charge of their own portion of land, similar to how running onion has claimed his continent recently. This delegates the following responsibilities to one admin: adding and deleting members to that zone's members list, setting flags, disciplining members. Essentially, they are the head of the guild and that guild's zone.

3. New players would not be required to fill out an application or even be invited to the server: they can spawn in AGOA City and build and destroy anything in the unprotected zone around it. But they must be invited by a 'guild' in order to gain access to any of the land that is protected by that guild's zone.

This idea has a few powerful benefits:
The idea has a minimal need for one person to manage everything because there's no need for a blacklist or whitelist and the management of individual zones is the responsibility of one admin.
The idea is maintainably scalable, because, as more people join the server and are accepted into guilds, the most a server manager has to do is appoint a new admin and assign them a new zone. The new admin deals with the management of the guild and its zone.
The idea allows survival mode to be consistently implemented across the server while granting each guilds' members a fair amount of protection for their projects. An admin can invite only people they trust into the guild.
The idea still allows anyone to join the server and build; but in order to gain membership in a guild, it's their responsibility to demonstrate the qualities a particular guild requires in its members.

Again, I think these benefits are huge, but I don't mind if you would rather not implement it for other reasons. I have no idea if using WorldGuard in this way would create memory issues, for example. Just hope this helps!

I love this idea. I think that people should form communities and try to survive together. We would give them a large zone, and they would be responsible for dealing with it. I am looking into it now.
The key idea would be, there is a man in charge. Appointed by others, or vote or whatever. The beauty of this idea is that people can choose. Obviously most admins would be in charge of a group, but for those who do not an admin they would have to request the addition of removal of members in a zone. This will remove some stupid zones and such. I will also look into channel based chat. For each large group a chat room will be given to them. It will clean up the chat issues and I think it would make a lot more people happy.

Essentially what we are doing is creating (Well for me, an empire) governments. Me, or AGOA is the federal level, admins are state level, and so on. The rules still apply, and they will not change based on area, but if you would like to add more rules within a zone, feel free to. People may enter or leave as they wish, and they can go out into the wilderness if they want, but they cannot have protection against anything. Let me know what you think!

Thanks Dehaven for the input, it is always welcome here.
I am the admin. That is all.

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Re: A wonderful idea by Dehavenbrooks
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2012, 06:35:24 pm »
Dehavenbooks! You are a freaking mind reader! This is exactly why I first started making the plugin I described (with the current name of  Shards of the Fallen).

The 4 four nations would ask exactly as you have just stated. Each lead by an admin, building together in their own pre-provided (gigantic) chunk of land. I already have a map that we can use. It is custom made just for this, nicely divided into areas for the nations, and still has a huge space available for individual work. Eventually, I want to have us make out own custom map for this.

I have huge visions for the server guys! Huge! It's just moving slow cause I am making this plugin alone.
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