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« on: November 03, 2013, 07:48:36 pm »
It is a nu start for AGOA's Minecraft server. With the release of 1.7.2, we have gone back to the good ol vanilla Minecraft. After almost three years we have come to conclusion that we cannot please everyone. We tried vanilla, we tried Bukkit, we tried survival, we tried creative. We have binders of players and information about their habits and what they like. Sadly we cannot please everyone, and we are done trying to. We base most of our decisions off of what the majority of players want, with a few exceptions. We chose to use vanilla, and we chose to do survival. While this was based more on what people wanted, we had to turn away a majority of players because they preferred creative. While Premiere-Pyrus and I are here to make your experience the best possible and give players what they want, we are also here to manage and keep things going. This means we cannot give players everything they want. More so we can make your wildest Minecraft dreams possible, we are not going to do things for you. We cannot help you build or hand stuff to you when you want it. That defeats the purpose of survival.

New decisions that directly impact players will always be run by them for their opinions. Players need to have things they want in order for a server to be successful. To a point. While we will ask for the groups opinion, we cannot always say that it will be the final decision. Admins and managers who implement these changes will always have the final say in a decision or request. This is for the security, and stability of the server, and to ensure that the majority of players are happy. So, with a majority of players wanting to bring the server back to its roots, we have done so.

Changes to the server, that will affect players
  • Map no longer displays players locations, chat or live update
  • Players are strictly survival
  • Map has an ad on it now, to hopefully bring in some easy money (please disable adblock for
  • Map currently is missing biomes within the 5000 block range
  • Other stuff I can't remember

Anyway, I hope to see you guys online, and having fun. We are always open to suggestions, so please let us know if you have any questions. Send any comments or concerns to
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I am the admin. That is all.

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« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2013, 09:28:34 am »
Well, you are way ahead of me Greg! Nicely done.

I think you got the most of it. The only thing I'll add is that I MAY add Bukkit later on, but ONLY for administrative plugins (and WorldEdit, I love WorldEdit). There WILL NOT be any gameplay changing plugins.

The only exception to that could ever occur is if a super majority (75%+) of players vote for something, AND I can and am willing to put in the extra effort to keep it running ( some things just over-complicate things way to much). I reserve the right to make the final decision even in these cases because the majority has been wrong before on some of these decisions.

My final decision will also always be made with input for two others. So the people I have in mind know I'm referring to them....
-One of them has been my gaming friend for the last couple years. His last name starts with W. He prefers survival and I trust his opinion more then my own.
-The other I went to school with. We programmed a small *thingy (in java) during some free time. It was (and still is) amazing.
If you need anything Minecraft (server) related. Ask this guy.