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« on: August 31, 2011, 07:16:03 pm »
Minecraft currently does not allow me to display rules on the screens. So I will put them here for now.

    This one goes with out saying, but I will say it anyway. No griefing
    No web links in the chat - I am revoking this because it's nice and easy to click on links.
    No stealing crap (stuff)
    Respect Admins, Ops, Police officers, and gravity.
    Being a jerk will result in everyone being a jerk to you.
    Don't ask admins to teleport you AT ALL!
    Don't ask admins to give out stuff. EVER
    Don't swear in the chat constantly. I know for some people it's a habit, and it can happen. As long as it's not a continuous thing then I'm cool with it. We do have younger kids that play and we want to keep the language and vulgar talk to a minimum.
    No raping of any kind. (Alec's request)
    No hacks (e.g. flight mods) that make the game unfair. - MAN UP GUYS! (Now I'm going to say this once, you WILL be banned if you hack.)

If you agree to these terms and follow them correctly. go to zombocom

On a side note, AGOA has the right to modify these rules at anytime, without consent of the end user. If you have a problem please go pound sand.
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