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Creating Zones with WorldGuard.
« on: September 25, 2012, 08:41:26 pm »
Creating a new zone
This will seems like a daunting task at first, but it gets much easier as you learn how to use all the tools and commands we have available.

Step #1: Selecting a zone with WorldEdit.
*Use the command "//wand" (this will give you wooden axe with is the magical tool we will be using here)
*Decide if you need a square/rectangle region or if you need some other shape.
          *If you need a square
                    *right click on one corner of your square, and then go to the opposite diagonal corner and left click it. This selects the area created by the 2 points.
                    *type in "//expand vertical" This is expand the selected area all the way to bedrock and to the sky limit.
          *If you need it to be some other shape, type in "//sel poly" (select polygon)
                    *Selecting polygons is very similar. You right click to create the first point, and left click to add points along the way. (I think the max is 25 points)
                    *type in "//expand vertical" This is expand the selected area all the way to bedrock and to the sky limit.

And that is how you select the area for the zone you want to create. It is seriously far easier once you try it. Go have a go at selecting areas. Selecting areas with the wand will have no affect at all on the map as long as you don't type in modifying commands, so I would recommend trying it out. I promise, it is much easier once you get a little hands on experience with it.

Step #2: Making a zone with your selected area.
*The command for creating a zone is "/region claim [NAME OF ZONE HERE] [NAME OF OWNER HERE]"
          *This name is not visible to normal players, please name things like this "agoa_city" or "bolg'karak_keep"
          *You can have multiple owners (you can also add member, which will be mentioned later) by simply adding a space then their name to the command.

There, the zone is created, it just does not do anything yet, which is why we have "flags".

Step #3: Setting flags (rules) and adding members.
*Adding members is very easy. "/region addmember [ZONE NAME] [PLAYER NAME]"

*Flags are the essence of zones, their are a lot of them, but I will cover the most important ones, and the ones we actually use on a common basis.
*The command for adding these "flags" is "/region flag [ZONE NAME] [FLAG NAME, from below] [ALLOW or DENY]
          *The zone entry message is set by the "greeting" flag (ex. "/region flag agoa_city Welcome to AGOA City!"
          *The zone exit message = farewell
          *To stop people that are not part of the zone from opening chests use the "chest-access" flag. (set it to deny)

Extra commands if needed/wanted.
*PvP is on by default, use "pvp" as the flag if you want to deny it
*To stop non-members or owners from walking throught the zone use "passthrough"
*Mob spawning in the zone can be set with "mob-spawning"
*You can disabled tnt with the "tnt" flag. I like to do this for my zones cause I use tnt for decoration.
*You can disable the use of Flint and Steel by setting "lighter" to deny
*Some others are "fire-spread", "lava-fire",
*To stop non-members from using buttons/levers/ecs. use "use" as the flag.

Final Note.
I think I have covered everything you should ever need for creating a zone. There are other functions possible that are a not covered here (like child and parent zones, setting teleports, healing/feeding affects, as well as some other rare things. If you come across anything that is not mentioned here, you can one or both of the following.
          *Check the command documentation.
                    *Basic Commands.
          *Ask me (you can txt me). You can also ask Greg.

If you see something wrong in the above post, please make a post below mentioning it. I did this is quite a hurry.[/i]
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